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Ugly Sculptures

The sculptures exhibit a diverse range of textures, colors, and shapes.


I employ a combination of textiles and mixed media, fostering a creative process that welcomes mistakes and considers them as opportunities for new ideas to flourish. 


These sculptures are deeply rooted in my emotions and personal experiences. They serve as vessels that carry fragments of my inner world, expressing a wide spectrum of feelings and reflecting various aspects of my personality. Through these art pieces, I transform my thoughts, desires, and vulnerabilities into tangible forms. They act as a bridge, facilitating a dialogue between my inner self and the outer world.


By deliberately labeling them as “ugly,” I liberate myself from the pressure of conforming to predefined notions of beauty and instead focus on the artistic process itself. This mindset allows me to break free from self-judgment, creating a space where creativity can truly flourish and grants me the freedom to take risks, experiment, and

embrace the unexpected.

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