Nicolin is a textile design student at the Swedish School of Textiles and is currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Textiles for me is one material with endless possibilities, this is why I choose to study textile design for my bachelor. Creating things with my hands and head have always been my joy in life and the fascination and curiosity about materials and techniques have drawn me to textiles from a young age. In my work I explore the properties in both material and technique such as possibilities in reusing materials or to find unconventional materials in pursuit of finding more sustainable ways of creating. I have studied art and have explored other techniques in my education such as wood work, metal work and pottery and I have gained the basic knowledge in these fields. This is something i see influences my way of creating and is to have a positive impact in my work with textiles.  



Edsviks Art school - 2015-2016

Nyckelviksskolan, General Art, Crafts and Design - 2016-2017

Swedish school of Textiles, Bachelor in Textile Design - 2017- ongoing


Tijs Gilde Design Studio, oct - nov 2019